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Flow Rail 2

Can be installed on new or existing racks

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Exglobe Flow Rail

Dealer network across the U.S., Canada, and Europe

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Welcome to Exglobe!

Our Montreal-based company is one of the fastest growing high-density storage systems provider in North America.

Running-out of space in the warehouse? Moving to a new location, expanding your building, or off-site storage can be costly both in time and money. Our unique products help companies increase storage capacity within their existing warehouse. This method is often the most cost-effective, viable solution.

Our goal is not to completely transform your existing warehouse: Instead, we try to identify certain areas or SKU’s that would fit nicely with a high-density storage approach.

Call us today! – meet your local Exglobe material handling expert to learn more about our innovative track systems.

USA installs: California, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Vermont, Oregon, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Arizona, North Dakota, Illinois, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Puerto Rico.

Canada installs: Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island.